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Serveo guarantees a solid supplier base that allows it to respond to its business lines under the principles of free competition, social responsibility and professional ethics.

The selection process is governed by criteria of objectivity, impartiality and equal opportunities, avoiding conflicts of interest and ensuring compliance with technical, quality and service level requirements as well as acceptance of all the company's policies and standards.

Serveo considers its suppliers to be key players in its value chain in order to achieve the best results for its customers.

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  • Strict compliance with current legislation in all applicable matters.
  • Strict compliance with the commitments taken on though agreements or orders.
  • Conduct in accordance with our code of ethics and anti-corruption policy.
  • Commitment to development, innovation and continuous improvement within the framework of the relationship with Serveo.


Responsible purchases

Serveo integrates sustainability and social responsibility throughout its value chain, including its purchasing process. To do this, it assesses the environmental, social and good governance aspects in both the supplier approval processes and tender management, thereby ensuring compliance with the principles of transparency, integrity and sustainability.

Serveo's commitment to sustainability is backed by different standards, one of which is the SGE-21 certification.

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Supplier access

How to become a Serveo supplier

To be assessed as a Serveo supplier, you must complete the registration form by clicking here.

The Supply Chain team will contact the stated contact person to start the Serveo approval process when the assessment is favourable. 

Regulations and policies demanded of suppliers and subcontractors

Next, access the General Conditions, as well as Serveo's Policies and Rules that must be accepted:


Invoice reference portal

Serveo has the following platform available to its suppliers to validate or check the status of invoices issued to any Serveo company:

In case of doubts, you can contact the corresponding department at, indicating "Serveo Invoice Portal" in the subject. 

Supplier risk management platform

Serveo incorporates the GoSupply platform into its supplier approval and assessment process, which provides comprehensive supplier risk management, including new assessment criteria and focusing on occupational safety and sustainability. 

GoSupply will provide a 360º view of Serveo's supplier panel, to become a key source of information for decision-making in tenders and contracts managed from the Supply Chain area.


Logotipo de GoSupply


General Queries about the supplier area

For any query related to the supplier area, contact us at: