Serveo Community

Serveo will match the amount donated by your staff to the project chosen by vote - sign up now!

Multiply your Impact


Serveo Community - Multiply your Impact is a new project with which we generate a positive impact in the community where we operate. Serveo people who wish to do so can donate a percentage of their payroll to the project of their choice by voting. The company will match the amount raised and add it to that donation.

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How does Serveo Community work?

Individuals from the organisation donate a percentage of their salary to a community impact project of their choice by vote. At the end of the year, Serveo will also contribute the same amount raised.

Do you want to participate?

You can if you are a non-profit organisation legally registered in Spain for more than one year and with a registered office in this country. You must present the Declaration of Public Utility and be up to date with payments.

What should your project be like?

It must be developed on national territory, have a real impact on the environment and be implemented within 12 months of the selection of the project.

When can you apply?

One edition is launched annually. You can check the rules of the programme to find out the dates for the presentation of initiatives.

Do you want to register your project?

Click on the button and fill in your details.

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