We face challenges using an innovative approach that allows us to offer efficient and sustainable solutions to the needs of society and maintain leadership in the transformation of infrastructures.

How we innovate

La innovación abierta es un elemento clave en Serveo

Open innovation

We are committed to open innovation as a key element in leading the transformation of infrastructures and services.

We create an ecosystem of partners (startups, public agencies, research centres, universities, etc.) that allows us to access talent, be at the forefront of the latest technologies and unleashing external organisations, accelerating the innovation process.

La cultura de la innovación en Serveo

Culture of innovation

We develop a streamlined and collaborative culture, with employees being actively involved as the key to our innovation being successful and guarantee to developing a sustainable future.

XPER es una marca de innovación de Serveo

Own brand of innovation

Innovation is intrinsic to our processes and businesses and work as a lever to consolidate competitive advantages and explore new markets and high-potential technologies to get the maximum impact on our businesses.

In this vein, we have developed customised and innovative tools and solutions under the XPERinnovation corporate brand; a great opportunity to create value and improve current and future systems and services.

Innovation strategies

We have a wide range of innovative strategies and solutions that add value and have a positive impact on our customers' day-to-day lives.

IoT sensorisation & Wearables
Technology capable of providing connectivity to objects, interacting with them, concentrating communications and data and creating new, specific or cross-cutting applications.
Empleados de Serveo en almacén
Technology that allows customised solutions to be developed through different sensors and devices in a drone.
Utilización de drones en serveo como innovación
Additive Manufacturing
Solutions aimed at process improvement that allow operations to be optimised through the design and manufacture of 3D elements.
Fabricación aditiva en Serveo
Data analytics
Use of advanced analytical techniques on large volumes of data from various sources, which allows hidden patterns, correlations, etc. to be discovered and offering a new source of knowledge to exploit.
Analítica de datos en serveo
Circular Economy
Technology focused on achieving an efficient economy in the use of resources.
Economía circular en Serveo
Robotics and Automation
Technology that allows machines to be configured to simulate and perform tasks that require the use of intelligence.
Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality
Augmented reality allows us to combine situations between the virtual and the real world in a contextualised manner, with the aim of better understanding everything that surrounds us.
Realidad aumentada en Serveo
Digital Twins
Virtual 3D representation of a product or process that comprehensively reflects its characteristics, functionalities and behaviours throughout its life cycle.
Gemelos digitales en serveo
Digital user
This technology implies the participation of users by providing them with the technological tools to reach an end goal or promote an activity.
Serveo industria prestando servicios de logística de precisión

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