Facility Management

We develop innovative and sustainable facility management solutions, teaming progress with service efficiency.

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Facility Management

We have an extensive catalogue of Facility Management, Asset Management and Project Management services and solutions for public and private customers that allow them to increase the efficiency of their activities and improve the well-being of their employees and users.  

We manage progress by adapting to the needs of different sectors such as banking, real estate, utilities, retail, data centres and unique buildings. We integrate maintenance services, energy efficiency, cleaning, help-desk, gardening, general services, auxiliary services and waste management. Our management model follows the principles of Lean Manufacturing and integrates data analysis and IoT solutions.


These tools, together with the use of mobile devices and various technological solutions, ensure knowledge management, performance, transparency when operating contracts and real-time customer access to multiple indicators for efficient decision making.

Likewise, we are involved in asset management through preventive and corrective maintenance, adaptations and civil work, including renovations, rehabilitation and conservation of real estate, studies and technical reports, key management and claims management.


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Facility Management