We pair progress with efficient, innovative and intelligent solutions for industry, creating added value for our customers.

Sectors in which we operate


In industry we offer specialised solutions with a high level of professional benefits in which safety is the key priority. In this, we seek efficiency and innovation through the Lean Management methodology. This allows us to connect our capacities and specialised services in the main sectors such as aeronautical, automotive, food, rail, pharmaceutical or chemical/petrochemicals with the needs of our customers, creating synergies and creating the future.

Our presence in production plants and logistics warehouses allow us to carry out a wide range of activities ranging from the comprehensive maintenance of general, electrical and mechanical installations, to fire protection systems or data integration for automation control and energy saving monitoring.

Other activities focus on the maintaining production lines, technical and industrial cleaning, logistics and engineering solutions, quality control, comprehensive waste management, supply, installation, instrumentation, assembly, conditioning, etc. We do all this while applying the highest operational efficiency measures.




Assets maintained


Factories where we have a presence

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