We work to connect the health services of the regional administration with the people who need it to improve their quality of life.

Sectors in which we work


In the health sector, we offer a comprehensive service model through which we seek maximum efficiency of the facilities and an improved patient and employee experience, as well as social equality and generating value for society.  

We offer specialised management and maintenance services for health and social infrastructures, including electromedical equipment, energy efficiency, medical waste, cleaning and sterilisation, catering, security and surveillance, logistics and distribution.  

We also have emergency services, including medical transport and telecare. In addition, we do sports management through a concession model that includes everything from the construction and maintenance of all types of facilities, to the planning and provision of wellness activities and services.

+ 20M

calls handled annually

+ 511800

Emergency transports annually

+ 140


+ 85450

Items of electromedical equipment maintained

What we do in