About us

Serveo is an international benchmark in the design, maintenance, operation and comprehensive management of public and private transport, energy, health and industry infrastructures, and providing facility management services.

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Our purpose

Serveo's purpose is to promote the excellence of its services to contribute daily to the improvement of society.




Values that identify and differentiate us

La excelencia es un valor de serveo


We provide excellent solutions and implement them reliably and efficiently.

La cercanía es un valor de serveo

Close at hand

Every day, we establish long-term relationships based on trust, integrity and flexibility.

La superación es un valor de serveo


We can tackle any challenge thanks to our capacity for innovation, versatility and agility.

Las personas son un valor de serveo


We look after our people, guaranteeing their safety and promoting their professional development.

Sostenibilidad bold


We are committed to caring for and improving the environments and communities where we operate.

We are unique. We are Serveo. 

Sonreímos al cambios

We welcome change

We adapt to our customers, to new ways of doing things, new projects or changes within a project, which sets us apart. We understand and seek the value of flexibility, always with an open mind when it comes to innovating and evolving.

Las personas son un elemento fundamental de serveo

Travel companions

We know that to go far, you have to travel together, which is why we never leave anyone alone. Listening, accompanying and understanding our customers, and earning their trust is an essential requirement for our success.

Siempre inconformistas

Always non-conformists

We are very capable but no less non-conformist and ambitious, always aware that what is excellent today may not be so tomorrow. We believe that being great is temporary, so we strive to be better every day.

Futuro siempre presente

With the future every present

We live every day with one foot in the present and the other in the future. Always ready for today, and prepared to assure our customers and employees that tomorrow we will still be at the top.

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